Are You Ready to Listen
to the Story of Breakfast?

1983 May, our breakfast story begins while were having breakfast at the garden of our pattisarie

The simple breakfast, cheese, tomato, olives and tea. A customer came and asked for breakfast. Naturally we adviced our pastry variaties. He was coming from doctor appointment, and he was forbidden to eat pastry. So we shared our breakfast with him. He was so pleased and complaint that he can’t find thşs healty breakfast outside home.
That was the moment that we (Cansın Akoral and Celal Ataman) decided to serve this simple, healty and traditional breakfast.

With the additional products our breakfast became perfect breakfast table. The kebap and fish restaurants used to name us “egg cookers”, now we enjoy that they serve brekfast in their menus. We are proud because we know, we have an big role that people valued breakfast, the most important meal of the day. .