Welcome to
Kale Cafe & Restaurant

Our business was originally built as patisserie in 1982 and until the end of 1983 became one of the most favoured places of the Bosphorus thanks to our delicious biscuits, cakes and most importantly pastry filled with spinach.

With the demand of our guests, our business began to take its first steps towards breakfast, offering the most basic elements of breakfast like tomato, cheese and cucumber alongside of pastry filled with spinach, bun, savory bun and turkish bagel served with tea.

We started to enlarge our menu with the advantage and responsibility of being the first of its kind in Bosphorus or even Istanbul. We added different kinds of turkish pancakes, menemen and different kinds of pastry like paçanga böreği and çiğ börek in addition to the classical cheese, olive and bread breakfast. We tried to shape our menu in accordance with customer opinions without getting out of the frame of traditional breakfast. Honey, turkish cream and halloumi cheese in butter have become the unchanging taste of our mixed breakfast.


After including the second floor of the building in 1997

We closed the patisserie business and started to make bread because we already had the workshop needed. Bread with olive, walnut, chocolate, wholemeal bread, corn bread and turkish bagels are offered to our guests.


With opening a new affiliate shop 50 metres away, we increased our capacity to 250 in 2008 and with a new sallon to our affiliate shop our capacity became 300 in 2010. Reservation can only be made within weekdays.
One cannot master every branch of business, so we focused on breakfast and the foods that can go well with breakfast and we got known and embraced. In addition to these, meatball, meat pasty and other kinds of grilled meat and fried mussels are well-known and liked by our guests. With the latest saloon we added Black Sea Pita and kebab in coal fire to our menu and started home delivery.

Our business principle is ‘’ not to serve what we don’t eat and making the quality cheaper than ever’’. Our guests name our mixed breakfast ‘’Mother Brekfast”. Our ancestors said that ‘’ the best chef is the one’s own mother’’. We serve our guests with the first day’s ambition and thrill.